Meet Tammy Panzironi

Tammy PanzironiWhy Pulse?
I really wanted to give people the ultimate Zumba experience! So opening my own studio was what I needed to do to pull all key pieces together—an amazing sound system, a real dance floor, bright colors on the walls, and lots of natural light. Pulse brings Zumba to the city. It offers something for people who live or work in the city or the nearby suburbs without the hassle of finding downtown parking. I knew I wanted to have classes at a variety of times too, so people could have the option of stopping by right after work.

Why teach Zumba?
Zumba makes me excited because I see how excited people are about it. Most people don’t think, “Oooh, I get to run on the treadmill after work today.” But they probably think, “Oooh, I get to go to Zumba on my way home!” It’s something fun that people of all ages and backgrounds can do. Zumba brings everyone together.

When I’m not at Pulse, I’m…
At home, practicing Zumba! I try to keep it fresh by varying the songs so that means a lot of practice and repeating the routines until I know them by heart. There’s not a lot of time for any other hobbies. But when I have free time, I enjoy spending it with my daughter.

Favorite Zumba song?
It changes all the time, but my new favorite is “Con el Pompi Pa’rriba” off the latest Zumba instructor CD. It’s a fast Merengue. Ask me again in a month and I’m sure my song choice will change!

Favorite Zumba groove?
I tend to like the fast, upbeat songs. Songs that I can add powerful athletic movements to. One of the reasons I like Zumba so much is because you can take a dance that’s been around forever and add strong athletic movements to it to really rev things up.

What are your qualifications?
I’ve been working in the fitness industry for 18 years. I am AFAA and CPR certified and licensed to teach Zumba and Zumba Toning. I’ve also worked as an independent fitness consultant for University Hospital, Syracuse University, Crouse Hospital, Syracuse Developmental Center, Oasis Center, Town of DeWitt, and local health clubs and nursing homes, among others. For eight years, I wrote a monthly fitness column for Table Hopping newspaper. And I frequently appeared as a television guest on “Hour CNY.”

Meet Lydia Chapman

Lydia ChapmanWhy Teach Zumba?
Growing up, I was always passionate about music and dancing, After the birth of my son, I was obese and hated the thought of working out. I found if you are having fun it doesn’t feel like a workout at all! I love teaching Zumba simply because between the amazing music and the fun choreography you’re getting an entire body workout without even know it!

Why Pulse?
So many reasons! Pulse is a place where you can be silly and carefree. There is so much energy found here, unlike anywhere else. When you come in, you’ll have a reunion with friends or make new ones. After class, you leave feeling sexy, confident and not to mention sweaty.

Favorite Zumba groove?
I love them all but I’m a Reggaeton girl all the way! I love the urban sound and the smooth Caribbean melodies. Reggaeton blends Jamaican musical influences of dance hall and mixes with those of Latin American influence such as salsa, Latin rap, and electronica.

Favorite Zumba song?
This is hard to say because I fall in love with every song I do! I would have to say my all-time favorite is “Caipirinha.”

When I’m not at Pulse, I’m…
Blessed to be a certified therapeutic recreation specialist for hospitalized veterans. I also love spending time with my family, especially my son and our family Shih Tzu, Clancy.

How do I stay fit?
You mean other then teaching Zumba four times a week? I love running, lifting weights, and yoga. I’m most proud to say I ran my first marathon in fall of 2011— yes that’s 26.2 miles, yes I ran the entire thing without stopping and yes I am a little bit crazy. Next on the to do list is the Iron Girl Triathlon.

What are my qualifications?
I am certified in Zumba basic and a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through AFAA. I am also certified in Basic Life Support (CPR/AED.)